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Adductor Magnus

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  • Superior segment: ramus of the pubis
  • Inferior segment: ramus of the ischium [1]


  • Superior segment: medial gluteal tuberosity (medial to the Gluteus Maximus)
  • Inferior segment: linea aspera and proximal medial supracondylar line of the femur [1] [2]


  • Adductor portion
    • Adduction of the thigh
    • Flexion of the thigh
  • Hamstring Portion
    • Adduction of the thigh
    • Extension of the thigh
  • Both portions work together during the gait cycle and control the pelvis


  • Primary source: Perforating branches of the profunda femoris artery
  • Superior portion: medial femoral circumflex
  • Inferior portion: popliteal and genicular arteries
  • Other arteries: Obturator artery


  • Posterior branch of the obturator nerve
  • Tibial portion of the sciatic nerve [2]

Clinical Significance

  • Pathology
    • Adductor Strain

See Also

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