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Anterior Drawer Test Ankle

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Other Names

  • Anterior Drawer of the Ankle


Anterior Drawer Test for the Ankle
Clinical demonstration of anterior drawer test of the ankle[1]


  • Patient is seated with feet hanging or supine
  • The heal is placed in the palm of the examiners hand
    • Foot should be in 10-15° of plantarflexion
  • The examiner then translates the calcaneus anteriorly
  • A positive exam is greater than 1 cm of translation compared to the healthy ankle
    • There may be a poor end feel
    • Graded on a scale of 0 (no laxity) to 3 (gross laxity)



Lateral Ankle Sprain

  • Van Dijk et al prospective, blinded study of 160 patients injured within 48 hours of exam[2]
    • Sensitivity: 96%
    • Specificity: 84%
  • Phisitkul et al cadaveric study of 10 ankles[3]
    • Sensitivity: 75%
    • Specificity: 50%
  • Blanchard et al prospective study of 142 patients examined within 5 days, 216 health controls[4]
    • Sensitivity: 32%
  • Croy et al prospective study of 66 patients with a history of lateral ankle sprain[5]
    • Sensitivity: 74-83%
    • Specificity: 38-40%
  • Fujii et al cadaveric study of 6 ankles by 5 blinded examiners[6]
    • Sensitivity: 60%
    • Specificity: 74%

See Also


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