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  • General
    • The largest of the carpal bones.<ref>Doyle J, Botte M. Surgical Anatomy of the Hand and Upper Extremity. Lippincott Williams & Wilkins. 2003: 57-59. /ref>
    • Located at the center of the distal carpal row.
    • It has a protected position in the carpus making isolated fractures unusual.
  • Anatomic Description
    • Proximal surface is rounded
    • Distal end has a triangular shape
    • The palmar surface is slightly convex.
    • The Capitate fossa is a concavity on the radial aspect in which the Scaphoid articulates.


  • Articulations
    • Scaphoid and Lunate articulates with the proximal surface.
    • Base of third metacarpal articulates with the distal surface.
    • Trapezoid articulates with the lateral surface.
    • Hamate articulates with the medial surface.
  • Ligament Attachments
    • radio-scapho-capitate.
    • scapho-capitate.
    • triquetr-ocapitate.
    • trapezio-capitate.
    • capito-hamate.

Vascular Supply

  • The dorsal intercarpal and dorsal basal metacarpal arches.

Clinical Significance

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