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Clubfoot Cast

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Other Names

  • Casting for Club Foot
  • Clubfoot cast


Clubfoot treatment over 5-6 weeks[1]
  • This page covers the club foot cast


  • Ideally, casting begins in the first weeks of life to take advantage of initial elasticity of contracted ligaments, joints and tendons
  • Improvements from manipulation are maintained by immobilizing the foot in a plaster cast for 5-7 days
  • Within the first 2-3 months, the surgeon attempts 5-6 manipulation and cast applications
  • Children who present for treatment after four or five months old may require operative correction because ligaments become stiffer
  • Total duration of treatment should be less than three months;
  • 6-8 toe-to-groin plaster casts, changed weekly after manipulation and worn for 7-10 weeks, should be sufficient to obtain maximum correction possible



  • Lesion can be corrected by less drastic restriction



Ponsetti Technique

  • Needs to be updated


  • Typically non-weight bearing until re-evaluated
  • Advise patient to keep cast or splint clean and dry
  • Do not insert objects into splint/ cast
  • Monitor for complications (worsening pain, paresthesia/ numbness, color changes)
  • Seek further care if unable to control pain at home


  • Increased cavus deformity
  • Rocker-bottom deformity
  • Longitudinal breach
  • Flattening of the proximal surface of the talus
  • Lateral rotation of the ankle
  • Increased stiffness of the ligaments and joints
  • Recurrence

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