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Drop Arm Test

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Other Names

Drop Arm Test
Demonstration of the drop arm test[1]
  • Codman's Test
  • Drop Arm Sign



  • The patient is either seated or standing
  • The examiner passively raises the arm to 90°
  • The patient slowly lowers the arm towards their side in the same plane with palm down
  • A positive test is:
    • Pain
    • Sudden drop of arm
    • Inability to smoothly control the descent



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See Also


  1. Bak, Klaus, et al. "The value of clinical tests in acute full-thickness tears of the supraspinatus tendon: does a subacromial lidocaine injection help in the clinical diagnosis? A prospective study." Arthroscopy: The Journal of Arthroscopic & Related Surgery 26.6 (2010): 734-742.
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