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Dynamic Internal Rotatory Impingement Test

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Other Names

  • Dynamic Internal Rotatory Impingement Test
  • DIRI Test (Dynamic Internal Rotatory Impingement)


Dynamic internal rotatory impingement (DIRI) test. A, DIRI begins with the hip at 90 degrees flexion or beyond. B, It is then passively taken through a wide arc of adduction and internal rotation (arrows) while decreasing flexion to about 80 degrees.[1]
  • To evaluate the hip for signs of FAI/ impingement


  • The patient is in a supine position
  • Patient holds opposite leg in flexion beyond 90°
    • This flattens pelvic tilt/lumbar lordosis
  • Then dynamically FADIR affected hip through an arc from neutral positioning
  • Positive test
    • Anterior groin pain



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Image courtesy of clinicalgate.com, "Clinical Examination and Imaging of the Hip"
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