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Eichhoffs Test

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Other Names

  • Eichhoff Maneuver
  • Eichhoff's Test


Demonstration of Eichoff's test[1]


  • Patient is seated or standing
  • Patients clenches thumb and makes a fist
  • Wrist is passively deviated to the ulnar side
  • Maintaining ulnar deviation, the thumb is then actively extended
  • Positive test:
    • Pain following the first part which is relieved with allowing the thumb to extend



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Goubau, J. F., et al. "The wrist hyperflexion and abduction of the thumb (WHAT) test: a more specific and sensitive test to diagnose de Quervain tenosynovitis than the Eichhoff’s Test." Journal of Hand Surgery (European Volume) 39.3 (2014): 286-292.
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