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External Rotation Stress Test

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Other Names

  • External rotation stress test
  • Dorsiflexion external rotation stress test
  • Kleiger's Test
  • Syndesmotic external rotation stress test
  • Ankle External Rotation Test


External Rotation Stress Test
Clinical demonstration of the external rotation stress test[1]
  • Evaluate the integrity of the Deltoid Ligament in the setting of ankle injuries
    • Stresses both superficial and deep fibers of the deltoid ligament


  • The patient is seated with knee bent to 90°
  • Stabilize the leg with one hand, hold the foot at 90°
  • Apply a passive external rotation force to the foot and ankle
  • Positive test
    • Medial pain
    • Talus displacement



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Molinari, A., M. Stolley, and A. Amendola. "High ankle sprains (syndesmotic) in athletes: diagnostic challenges and review of the literature." The Iowa orthopaedic journal 29 (2009): 130.
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