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Fothergill Sign

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Other Names

  • Fothergill Sign


  • To evaluate the etiology of a patients traumatic abdominal mass
    • Goal is to distinguish a wall mass from a mass arising in the abdomen
    • First described by Fothergill in 1926[1]


  • The examiner palpates the abdominal mass[2]
  • If the mass does not cross midline, change position with flexion of the abdomen
    • The mass may be resonant on percussion
  • Suggests the patient has a rectus sheath hematoma



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Fothergill, W. E. "Haematoma in the abdominal wall simulating pelvic new growth." British Medical Journal 1.3413 (1926): 941.
  2. Yale, Steven H., Halil Tekiner, and Eileen S. Yale. "Fothergill and Carnett signs and rectus sheath hematoma." Journal of Rural Medicine 15.3 (2020): 130-131.
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