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Fovea Sign

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Other Names

  • Ulna Fovea Test
  • Fovea sign


Demonstration of the Fovea Sign.[1]
  • Evaluate the TFCC as a cause of wrist pain


  • Patient is seated or standing
  • Examiner places thumb over ulnar fovea, the spot between ulnar styloid process and volar surface of ulnar head
  • Positive test:
    • Reproduction of their pain
  • Compare to unaffected limb



TFCC Lesion

  • Tay et al[2]
    • Sensitivity: 95.2%
    • Specificity: 86.5%

See Also


  1. Schmauss, D., et al. "Clinical tests and magnetic resonance imaging have limited diagnostic value for triangular fibrocartilaginous complex lesions." Archives of orthopaedic and trauma surgery 136 (2016): 873-880.
  2. Tay, S. C., Tomita, K., & Berger, R. A. (2007). The “Ulnar Fovea Sign” for Defining Ulnar Wrist Pain: An Analysis of Sensitivity and Specificity.
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