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  • Iliacus
    • Iliac wing of the ilium
  • Psoas Major
    • Transverse process of the lumbar vertebra
    • Intervertebral discs of T12-L5 [1]
  • Psoas Minor
    • absent in 40% of individuals [1]
    • Body of T12 and L1



  • Flexion of the thigh and trunk
  • Lateral flexion of the lower vertebra


  • Common iliac artery
    • External iliac artery (most important) [2]


  • Psoas major and minor
    • short collateral branches of L1-L3 [3]
  • Iliacus
    • Femoral nerve of L1-L4
    • Terminal nerve of L1-L4 [3]

Clinical Significance

See Also

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