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Jerk Test

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Other Names

  • Jerk Test


Illustration of the Jerk Test[1]
  • Evaluate the integrity of the Glenoid Labrum
  • Specifically, it stresses the posterior and inferior components


  • The patient is seated
  • Examiner grasps the elbow with one hand, scapula with the other and
  • The arm is elevated to 90° of adduction and internal rotation
  • The examiner then provides an axial compression load to the humerus through the elbow maintaining the horizontally abducted position
  • The compression force is maintained as the examiner moves the arm into horizontal adduction.
  • Positive test
    • Pain ± clicking sound



Glenoid Labral Tears

  • Kim et al[2]
    • Sensitivity: 73%
    • Specificity: 98%
    • LR+: 36.53
    • LR-: 0.273

See Also


  1. Kim, Seung-Ho, et al. "The Kim test: a novel test for posteroinferior labral lesion of the shoulder—a comparison to the jerk test." The American journal of sports medicine 33.8 (2005): 1188-1192.
  2. Kim SH, Park JS, Jeong WK, Shin SK. The Kim test: a novel test for posteroinferior labral lesion of the shoulder-a comparison to the jerk test. Am J Sports Med.2005; 33:1188-1192.
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