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Kim Test

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Other Names

  • Kim's Test



  • The patient is seated, affected arm abducted to 90°
  • Examiner holds elbow and arm and applies a strong axial force
  • With the arm in this position, the examiner elevates its diagonally upward and forward
  • A downward and backward force is then applied
  • Positive test is reproduction of pain ± clunk



  • Sensitivity: 80%[1]
  • Specificity: 94%
  • When combined with Jerk Test, sensitivity for posteroinferior labral lesions increases to 97%

See Also


  1. SH Kim et al. A Novel Test for Posteroinferior Labral Lesion of the Shoulder—A Comparison to the Jerk Test Am J Sports Med - 01-AUG-2005; 33(8): 1188-92
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