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Lachmans Test Foot

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Other Names

  • Dorsal plantar drawer test


Illustration of Lachman's Test for the foot[1]


  • Examiner stabilizes the patients metatarsal head with one hand
  • Examiner tries to translate the phalanx base dorsally with the other hand
  • Positive test
    • The toe dorsally elevates more than 2 mm[2]
    • Produces pain for the patient [3]
  • Negative test
    • The toe does not elevate more than 2 mm
  • Must compare with contralateral foot



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Image courtesy of https://prepodiatryclinic101.com/, "Lockman’s Test
  2. Fishco, W., 2007. How To Address Predislocation Syndrome Of Lesser MPJs. Podiatry Today, 20(3), pp.76-84
  3. Cerrato, R., 2011. Freiberg's Disease. Foot and Ankle Clinics, 16(4), pp.647-658
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