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Lateral Scapular Slide Test

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Other Names

  • Lateral Scapular Slide Test (LSST)
  • Modified Lateral Scapular Slide Test


Lateral scapula slide test. (a) Initial position with arm at side. (b) Second position, arms on hips. (c) Third position with arms at 90 and internal rotation.[1]


Classic Lateral Scapular Slide Test

  • Measure horizontally from nearest spinous process to medial scapular border
  • Compare measurements in 3 separate positions bilaterally
    • Neutral arms at sides
    • Hands on hips
    • Arms abducted to 90°
  • Positive test
    • 1 to 1.5 cm asymmetry in measurement bilaterally

Modified Lateral Scapular Slide Test

  • The test is the same with two additional modifications:
    • When the arm is abducted to 90°, a load of 1 kg is added
    • A further position is added with the arm abducted to 180°



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Roche, Simon J., et al. "Scapular dyskinesis: the surgeon’s perspective." Shoulder & Elbow 7.4 (2015): 289-297.
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