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Lift Off Test

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Other Names

Lift Off Test
  • Gerber’s Lift Off Test
  • Gerber’s Test
  • Subscapularis Lift Off Test


A positive lift off test (without examiner resistance)[1]


  • The patient is seated or standing
  • The arm is internally rotated with hand behind the small of the back on the lumbar spine
  • The dorsum of the hand is facing the back
  • The examiner places their hand on the patients and asks them to push off against their resistance
  • A positive test
    • Pain or weakness pushing off the back



  • Needs to be updated

See Also


  1. Lenart, Brett A., and Jonathan B. Ticker. "Subscapularis tendon tears: Management and arthroscopic repair." EFORT open reviews 2.12 (2017): 484.
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