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Log Roll Test

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Other Names

  • Hip log roll


Log Roll Test
Demonstration of the log roll test[1]
  • Evaluate the Hip Joint as a cause of lower back, groin or hip pain


  • Patient is supine, hip and knee extended
  • Examiner places one hand at the mid-thigh and the other at the calf
  • Examiner passively rotates the entire leg and hip both internally and externally
  • Attempt to move limb to maximal range of motion
  • Positive test
    • Pain, clicking or popping suggest intra-articular etiology
    • increased total ROM compared to contralateral side suggests ligament or capsular laxity



  • Needs to be updated

See Also


  1. Wilson, John J., and Masaru Furukawa. "Evaluation of the patient with hip pain." American family physician 89.1 (2014): 27-34.
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