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Long Leg Cast

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Other Names

  • Long Leg Cast


Illustration of long leg cast[1]



  • Materials needed: see Casting Main
  • Position
    • Patient should be supine
    • With assistant(s) the hip and knee are flexed to about 60°


  • Stockinette should be long, extending up into the groin and past the toes
  • Apply a layer of cast padding
    • 3-4 layers total
    • Proximal edge: greater trochanter and just below the groin
    • Distal edge: extends to distal edge of metatarsals
    • Apply generously to patella, malleoli, ankle, and heel, to protect these areas from pressure sores
  • Apply layer of cast material
  • Fold the tubular bandage over the edges of the cast material
  • Mold the cast at the area of injury to prevent further displacement of the fracture
    • Hold in position until cast material hardens


  • Needs to be updated

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