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Medial Condyle Fracture (Peds)

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Other Names

  • Medial Epicondylar Fracture



  • Most commonly seen in children age 10-14
  • Rare, represents 1-2% of distal humeral fractures[1]


Ossification Centers of the Elbow

Ossification center Age of Appearance on Xray Age of fusion
Capitellum 1 12
Radial Head 3 15
Medial Epicondyle 5 17
Trochlea 7 12
Olecranon 9 15
Lateral Epicondyle 11 12

Associated Injuries

Risk Factors

  • Unknown

Differential Diagnosis

Clinical Features

  • General: Physical Exam Forearm
  • History
    • Medial elbow pain
    • May endorse acute trauma
    • May also have chronic overuse history
  • Physical
    • May observe swelling, bruising
    • Valgus instability


  • Radiographs
    • Standard 3 view elbow
    • Internal oblique view best evaluates displacement
    • Distal humeral axial view helpful to evaluate displacement
    • Diagnosis more challenging in younger children due to open capitellum physis until around age 12
  • CT
    • More accurate, tend to avoid when possible due to radiation


  • N/A



  • Indications are controversial[4]
    • <5 mm displacement, however this can be challenging to assess radiographically
  • Immobilization


  • Indications
    • Significant displacement
    • Entrapment of fragment within joint
    • Extension of fracture into articular surface
    • Open
    • Ulnar nerve dysfunction
    • Associated elbow dislocation
  • Technique
    • Open reduction, internal fixation

Return to Play

  • Variable, at discretion of surgeon


See Also


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