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Medial Plantar Nerve

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A) Anatomy of the medial plantar nerve. B) Coronal T2 fat-saturated MRI labeled to illustrate the medial plantar nerve and adjacent structures.[1]
  • General Medial Plantar Nerve (MPN)
  • Anatomic course
    • Tibial nerve most commonly bifurcates into the MPN and Lateral plantar nerve (LPN) within the tarsal tunnel[2]
    • Typically, the MPN arises beneath the flexor retinaculum and traverses a fibro-osseous tunnel, or fascial sling
    • Bordered superiorly by the Spring Ligament, inferiorly by the Abductor Hallucis muscular attachment to the navicular
    • It then extends distally, just plantar to the master Knot of Henry (MKH), which is the crossing point of the Flexor Hallucis Longus and Flexor Digitorum Longus tendons.[3]


Vascular Supply


Clinical Significance

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