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Median Nerve

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  • General[1]
    • Is one of the five main nerves originating from the brachial plexus.
    • It provides motor and sensory innervation to parts of the forearm and hand.
    • It receives contributions from C5-T1 nerve roots.
  • Course
    • It runs lateral to the axillary artery.
    • Descends in the arm between the biceps brachii and triceps brachii muscles.
    • It crosses over the brachial artery, and becomes situated medially Halfway down the arm.
    • It enters the hand via the carpal tunnel, where it terminates by dividing into two branches.


  • Muscular innervations
    • Pronator teres
    • Flexor carpi radialis
    • Palmaris longus
    • Anterior interosseous branch supplies:
      • Flexor pollicis longus
      • Pronator quadratus
      • Flexor digitorum profundus
    • The recurrent branch innervates the thenar muscles
    • The palmar digital branch innervates the lateral lumbricals muscles.
  • Sensory innervations
    • Palmar cutaneous branch innervates the lateral aspect of the palm.
    • Palmar digital cutaneous branch Innervates the palmar surface and fingertips of the lateral three and half digits.

Clinical Significance

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  1. Standring, Susan, and Henry Gray. 2008. Gray's anatomy: the anatomical basis of clinical practice.
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