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  • There is a complex joint interaction affected by metatarsal topography, orientation, and kinematics
  • 1st metatarsal carries twice the load of each of the lesser metatarsals during the stance phase of gait
  • Contribute to extension of the longitudinal arch during stance loading and flexing of forefoot during push-off phase[1]
  • Dictate distal arch rotation in relation to foot pronation and supination[2]

Vascular Supply

  • Branches of[3]
    • The plantar and dorsal metatarsal arteries
    • First plantar metatarsal artery
    • Nutrient branch vessels
  • Watershed area of 5th metatarsal
    • About 1.5 cm distal to the tuberosity
    • Area with overall poor blood flow


Clinical Significance

See Also


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