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Minerva Cast

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Other Names

Illustration of a minerva cast in a naval sailor with a vertebral injury[1]
A child in a minerva cast[2]
  • Minerva Cast
  • Minerva Jacket


  • This page refers to the minerva cast
    • Extends along the side and in back of the head and neck, chest to hip area
    • Incorporates a plaster-of-Paris headband


  • Certain cervical spine fractures
  • Some variants of scoliosis


  • Unknown




  • Needs to be updated


  • Typically non-weight bearing until re-evaluated
  • Advise patient to keep cast or splint clean and dry
  • Do not insert objects into splint/ cast
  • Monitor for complications (worsening pain, paresthesia/ numbness, color changes)
  • Seek further care if unable to control pain at home


  • Plaster burn/ thermal injury
  • Pressure sores
  • Nerve palsy
  • Vascular compromise
  • Splint dermatitis
  • Permanent joint stiffness
  • Skin infection
  • Respiratory Distress
    • The patient may develop respiratory symptoms if the thoracic component is too tight
    • It can be split down the side(s) similar to a bivalve and spread to allow for expansion
    • Alternatively, it can be removed and re-applied

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  1. Image courtesy of https://www.history.navy.mil/
  2. Tobing, Singkat Dohar AL, Andra Hendriarto, and Rio Wikanjaya. "Conservative approach for treatment of Grisel's syndrome after resection of lympahadenitis tuberculosis of the neck: A rare case report." International Journal of Surgery Case Reports 88 (2021): 106452.
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