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Obers Test

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Other Names

  • Ober Test
  • Ober's Test


Ober's test starting position[1]


  • Patient lays in lateral decubitus position on unaffected side
  • The unaffected limb is in a neutral position with hip and leg slightly flexed to flatten out lumbar spine
  • The examiner helps stabilize the patients pelvis
  • The affected limb is brought into flexion and the leg is allowed to adduct with gravity
  • Positive test:
    • Patient's leg does not drop due to tightness in the IT band
    • Patient has pain with passive adduction
    • Patient has pain with active abduction against resistance



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Luque-Suárez, A., et al. "Stabilization exercise for the management of low back pain." Low Back Pain (2012): 261-92.
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