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Ortolanis Sign

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Other Names

  • Ortolani's Sign
  • Ortolani's Test
  • Ortolani's Maneuver


  • Evaluate the hip of a newborn or toddler for the presence of DDH


Illustration of the barlow and ortolani tests
  • The child is supine, in the most relaxed position possible
  • Hips and knees flexed to 90°
  • Examiner places thumbs on the inner side of the baby's knee
  • Index finger over the greater trochanter
  • The hips are abducted through 90 degrees of motion smoothly and gently
  • Positive test
    • Palpable sensation of the femoral head slipping into the acetabulum
    • May also hear an audible clunk
    • Restriction in abduction may indicate an irreducible dislocation



  • Unknown

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