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Passive Knee Extension Test

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Other Names

  • Passive Knee Extension Test


Demonstration of the passive knee extension test[1]
  • Evaluate Knee Joint range of motion, movement quality, hamstring tone


  • The patient is supine with the affected limb flexed to 90°
  • The contralateral leg stays flat on the examination table
  • The clinician passively extends the knee until maximal extension is tolerated
  • The ipsilateral leg remains in neutral
  • Knee range of can be measured
  • Positive test
    • Pain
    • Decreased range of motion


  • Hamstring Strain
  • Decreased Hamstring Flexibility


  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Davis, D. S., Ashby, P. E., McCale, K. L., Mcquain, J. A., & Wine, J. M. (2005). The Effectiveness of 3Stretching Techniques on Hamstring Flexibility Using Consistent Stretching Parameters. The Journal of Strength & Conditioning Research, 19(1), 27-­32.
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