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Pelvifemoral Angle

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Other Names

  • Pelvifemoral Angle
  • Milch Angle
  • Mundale angle


  • Evaluate the tightness or spasticity of the hip flexor muscles
    • Generally reserved for patients with cerebral palsy or spasticity


  • The patient is placed in lateral decubitus position to minimize pelvic rotation
  • Affected hip superiorly
  • Extend hip back 20° as much as able, flex knee 30°
  • Measure extension angle to assess hip flexor tightness/contract
    • Milch angle: lines between ASIS to ischial tuberosity & extended femur
    • Mundale angle: lines between ASIS to PSIS & perpendicular to that at 90 deg with extended femur
  • Positive test
    • Trending worse comparative tightness, contracture over time



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