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Plantar Dorsal Percussion Test

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Other Names

  • Plantar Dorsal Percussion Test
  • Plantar Percussion Test
  • Dorsal Percussion test


Demonstration of the Plantar Dorsal Percussion Test[1]
  • Evaluate the cause of foot and toe pain


  • The dorsal and plantar intermetatarsal spaces are percussed with a finger
  • Positive test
    • Localized pain at the intermetatarsal space with percussion



  • Mahadevan et al[2]
    • Sensitivity: 62%
    • Specificity: 100%
    • PPV: 100%
    • NPV: 0%
    • Diagnostic Accuracy: 61%

See Also


  1. Gougoulias, Nikolaos, Vasileios Lampridis, and Anthony Sakellariou. "Morton’s interdigital neuroma: instructional review." EFORT open reviews 4.1 (2019): 14.
  2. Mahadevan, Devendra, et al. "Diagnostic accuracy of clinical tests for Morton's neuroma compared with ultrasonography." The Journal of Foot and Ankle Surgery 54.4 (2015): 549-553.
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