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Posterior Sag Sign

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Other Names

Posterior Sag Sign
  • Posterior Sag Test
  • Godfrey Test


Sag sign examination reveals a noticeable difference in tibial plateau posterior translation between the uninjured left (L) and injured right (R) knee.[1]


  • The patient is supine
  • The hip and knee flexed to 90º while the examiner supports the leg
  • Observes for a posterior shift of the tibia as compared to the uninvolved knee
  • Positive test
    • Abnormal contour or sag may be evident at the proximal anterior tibia viewed from a lateral position
    • Suggests PCL tear



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. LaPrade, Christopher M., et al. "Emerging updates on the posterior cruciate ligament: a review of the current literature." The American journal of sports medicine 43.12 (2015): 3077-3092.
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