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Radial Artery

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  • Is a continuation of the brachial artery.[1]
  • One of the major vessels supplying the structures of the forearm.
  • It runs on the lateral aspect of the forearm


  • It begins at the inferior portion of the cubital fossa.
  • In the forearm, the radial artery runs along the medial aspect of the neck of the radius.
  • Proximally, the artery lies deep to the brachioradialis muscle.
  • Distally the artery is only covered by fascia and skin.
  • The artery then runs across the floor of the anatomical snuffbox to the palm of the hand.


  • Muscular branches
  • Radial recurrent artery
  • Palmar carpal branch
  • Dorsal carpal branch
  • Superficial palmar branch
  • Deep palmar branch
  • First dorsal metacarpal artery
  • Princeps pollicis artery
  • Radialis indicis artery

Clinical Significance

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