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Left palmer view of the scaphoid bone
Bony anatomy of the left scaphoid with important landmarks and articulations labeled. (A) Medial view, (B) dorsolateral view, (C) distal articular surface, and (D) proximal articular surface.[1]


  • Largest bone of the proximal row of carpal bones.[2]
  • Etiology of the name is it’s boat-like shape (from the Greek word 'scaphos' meaning boat)
  • Situated at the radial side of the wrist.
  • On the palmar surface of the bone, there is a tubercle that can be palpated at the base of the anatomical snuffbox.

Anatomic Description

  • Superior surface is triangular shape, and articulates with the lower end of the radius.
  • Inferior surface is convex, and triangular, and is divided by a slight ridge into two parts.
  • Dorsal surface is a narrow groove that runs the entire length of the bone serving as an attachment point for ligaments.
  • Lateral surface gives attachment to the radial collateral ligament of the wrist.
  • Medial surface presents two articular facets:
    • A superior that articulates with the Lunate
    • An inferior one forms with the Lunate a concavity for the head of the Capitate.[3]



  • Aids in movement of the wrist.
  • Forms the radial border of the carpal tunnel.


Ligament Attachments

  • The radial collateral ligament attaches to the lateral surface.
  • The transverse carpal ligament attaches to the tubercle of the scaphoid.

Vascular Supply

Clinical Significance

See Also


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