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Spurlings Test

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Other Names

  • Maximal Cervical Compression Test
  • Foraminal Compression Test
  • Spurling's Test


Spurlings Test
Illustration of Spurling's Test[1]
  • Evaluate for etiology of neck pain or radicular symptoms in upper extremity


  • The patient is seated
  • Examiner is in a position to apply axial load to the top of patients head
  • Patient then places neck in extension, lateral rotation in the direction of the patients symptoms
  • Examiner applies an axial load
  • Repeat with head rotated to the unaffected side
  • Positive Test:
    • Reproduction of pain radiating into upper extremity



Cervical Radiculopathy

  • Tong et al[2], Shah et al[3], Wainner et al[4]
    • Sensitivity: 30% - 93%
    • Specificity: 74% - 95%
    • LR+: 1.9 - 18.6
    • LR-: .07 - .75

See Also


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