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Stork Test

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Other Names

Demonstration of the stork test[1]
  • Gillet Test



  • The patient is standing with examiner behind patient palpating PSIS with one hand, palpate base of sacrum with other
  • Patient is instructed to stand on one leg while flexing the ipsilateral hip to 90°
  • Repeat test on unaffected side
  • Normal exam: pelvis should rotate posterior, with PSIS moving inferior
  • Positive test:
    • PSIS on affected side doesn't move with hip flexion
    • PSIS area is associated with pain with hip flexion



  • Unknown

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  1. Curnow, Dorothy, et al. "Altered motor control, posture and the Pilates method of exercise prescription." Journal of bodywork and movement therapies 13.1 (2009): 104-111.
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