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Straight Leg Sit Up Test

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Other Names

Demonstration of the Straight Leg Sit Up Test[1]
  • Straight Leg Sit Up Test
  • Straight Leg Sit-Up Test


  • To evaluate the cause of the patients groin pain


  • The patient is supine
  • Legs extended and held 8-10 inches off the examination table
  • The patient is instructed to lift both shoulders off the table simultaneously
  • Positive test
    • Pubic or groin pain



  • Kurowicki et al:[1]
    • Sensitivity: 74%
    • Specificty: 20%
    • PPV: 46%:
    • NPV: 44%

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  1. 1.0 1.1 Kurowicki, Jennifer, et al. "Diagnostic accuracy of physical examination tests in core muscle injury." The American Journal of Sports Medicine 48.8 (2020): 1983-1988.
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