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Subcoracoid Bursa

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Illustration of the subcoracoid bursa (blue) relative to the subscapularis muscle and conjoined tendons of coracobrachialis and biceps tendons. Note the subcoracoid recess is also labeled in blue (as SSR=subscapularis recess)[1]


Subcoracoid Recess

  • The subcoracoid bursa should not be confused with the recess
  • The subacoracoid recess communicates with the glenohumeral joint, lies deep to the subscapularis
  • The recess can "saddlebag" over the top of the subscapularis tendon which makes identification on MRI challenging


Vascular Supply


Clinical Significance

See Also


  1. Grainger AJ, Tirman PF, Elliott JM, Kingzett-Taylor A, Steinbach LS, Genant HK. MR anatomy of the subcoracoid bursa and the association of subcoracoid effusion with tears of the anterior rotator cuff and the rotator interval. AJR Am J Roentgenol. 2000 May;174(5):1377-80.
  2. Horwitz T, Tocantins LM. An anatomical study of the role of the long thoracic nerve and related scapular bursae in the pathogenesis of local paralysis of the serratus anterior muscle. Anat Rec. 1938; 71:375-386
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