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Sural Nerve Injury

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Other Names

  • Sural Neuropraxia
  • Sural Mononeuropathy



  • Poorly described in the literature


  • General
    • Sensory nerve of the posterolateral calf and ankle, lateral foot
    • No motor component
  • Entrapment site
    • Most cases in literature involve entrapment at the ankle
    • Can occur as proximal as popliteal fossa
    • As distal as base of fifth metatarsal


Anatomy of the Sural Nerve

  • Cutaneous nerve that supplies sensory input to the lateral margin of the hindfoot and midfoot and the ankle joint[10]
  • Formed by the union of the medial sural cutaneous nerve (MSCN) (from Tibial Nerve) and the lateral sural cutaneous nerve (LSCN), (from Common Fibular Nerve)

Risk Factors

  • Unknown

Differential Diagnosis

Clinical Features


  • Patient will report paresthesia on the posterolateral side of leg and foot
  • They may also endorse burning pain

Physical Exam

  • Point of maximal tenderness can potentially reproduce symptoms
  • Sensory deficits: posterolateral side of the lower leg, lateral border of the foot, small area under the heel
  • Motor exam should be normal

Special Tests




  • Can be used to confirm diagnosis


  • Not applicable



  • Most cases
  • Treat underlying etiology (i.e. bakers cyst, calf strain)
  • Discontinue offending activity


  • Indications
    • Remove space occupying lesions
    • Fascia related compression
  • Technique
    • Neurolysis

Rehab and Return to Play


  • Unknown

Return to Play/ Work

  • Unknown

Prognosis and Complications


  • Unknown


  • Chronic neuropathic pain
  • Chronic paresthesia

See Also


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