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Tibial Nerve

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  • General
    • Is one of two terminal branches of the sciatic nerve.
    • It arises from the anterior divisions of the L4 to S3 nerve roots in the sacral plexus.
    • It supplies the leg and foot with motor and sensory supply.
  • Course
    • It Passes down through the popliteal fossa running posterior to the popliteal vessels.
    • passes between the heads of gastrocnemius and the soleus muscle.
    • It then Emerges to pass under the flexor retinaculum in the tarsal tunnel.
    • On reaching the medial malleolus it divides into three terminal branches.


  • Muscular branches
  • Medial sural cutaneous nerve
  • Terminal branches
    • Medial plantar nerve
    • Lateral plantar nerve
    • Medial calcaneal nerve


  • Motor functions
    • muscular branches in the posterior compartment of the thigh and leg.
  • Sensory functions
    • It provides cutaneous branches to posterior calf and sole of the foot.
    • Articular branches to knee, ankle and foot joints.

Clinical Significance

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