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The tibia and fibula labeled[1]
  • General
    • Major weight bearing bone of the lower leg


  • Tibial plateau forms articular surface, articulates with the femur, to form the Knee Joint along with the patella
  • Tibial tuberosity is described below

Mid Shaft

  • Interosseus Membrane
    • Acts as a fibrous anchor between the tibia and Fibula
    • Runs along the length of both bones (lateral side of tibia)


  • Tibial plafond forms articular surface for the Ankle Joint
  • Medial malleolus contributes to medial stability

Gerdy's Tubercle

Tibial Tubercle

Pediatric Considerations

  • Proximal Tibial Physis
    • Contributes to longitudinal growth
    • Average growth is 9-10 mm per year[2]
    • Appears by 2 months, closes between ages 16 and 19[3]
  • Tibial Tubercle Physis
    • Apophysis, does not contribute to length of bone
    • Attachment site of the patellar tendon
    • Appears around age 10 to 12, closes around age 16 to 19[4]
  • Developmental Anatomy
    • Cartilage stage: occurs before a secondary ossification center appears at the tubercle
    • Apophyseal stage: secondary ossification center appears in girls (8-12), boys (9-14)
    • Epiphyseal stage: secondary ossification centers (proximal tibia, tubercle) merge into a bony tubercle adjacent to proximal tibial epiphysis


Vascular Supply


  • Needs to be updated

Clinical Significance



See Also


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