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  • General
    • The smallest carpal bone in the distal row.[1]
    • Located lateral to the Capitate.
    • Trapezium and Trapezoid are collectively known as the multangulars.
  • Anatomic Description
    • Dorsal surface is larger than the palmar surface.
    • The distal surface is triangular, with a palmar apex.
    • The medial and lateral surfaces are both narrow.
    • The medial surface is concave while the lateral surface is convex.


  • Articulations
    • Scaphoid articulates with the proximal surface.
    • Base of the second metacarpal articulates with the distal surface.
    • Trapezium articulates with the lateral surface.
    • Capitate articulates with the medial surface.
  • Ligament Attachments
    • Trapezio-trapezoid
    • Trapezio-capitate
    • Dorsal intercarpal
    • Scapho-trapezium-trapezoid

Vascular Supply

  • The dorsal intercarpal and basal metacarpal arches.

Clinical Significance

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  1. Standring S, Borley N, Collins P et al. Gray's Anatomy Fortieth Edition. Churchill Livingstone. 2008.
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