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Governing Bodies


Match Statistics

For Students

  • Become a student member to professional societies

Useful Student Resources

For Residents

Building a Resume During Residency

  • Do an elective rotation in sports medicine
  • Longitudinal coverage of a high school team
  • Medical coverage in a mass participation event
  • Attend a sports medicine conference
  • Present a poster at a conference
  • Present a journal club or lecture for your residency program
  • Work on a scholarly project
  • Find a mentor
  • Get in a Sports Medicine Track

Picking Fellowships to Apply To

  • Do you or your residency have a relationship with the program?
  • What region of the country do you want to be in?
  • How much team coverage is there?
  • What are your future career goals?
  • Has the program ever matched someone from your specialty?
  • Which sports are you interested in?

Timeline For Residents

  • PGY1
    • Join the AMSSM, ACSM, AOASM, other SM interests groups
    • Reach out to local SM physicians
    • Reach out to athletic trainers for coverage opportunities
    • Look for event coverage opportunities
    • Keep a log of interesting cases in sports medicine
    • If your program does not have a sports medicine elective, start investigating where you can do one
  • PGY2
    • Setup elective for late 2nd year/ early 3rd year
    • Attend AMSSM, ACSM, AOASM annual meetings
    • Identify attendings who can write you a letter of recommendation
    • Begin working on your CV, personal statement
    • Register in ERAS (June)
  • PGY3
    • Submit ERAS application on time, apply to individual programs (July)
    • Summer and Fall elective rotations
    • Attend interviews (September - November)
    • Rank list due (December)
    • Match! (January)
    • Prepare for fellowship (January - June)

Specialty Specific Advice

  • Recommend you review match statistics to see how your specialty does in the match year-to-year
  • Recommend you ensure each program you are applying to accepts your specialty

Family Medicine

Emergency Medicine

Internal Medicine

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation


  • More than 40 programs advertise they accept medicine pediatrics
  • Likely many more due to number that accept both medicine and/or pediatrics

Additional Resources

For Fellows

Preparing for Fellowship

  • Ask your fellowship director about:
    • Program requirements
    • Licensure/hospital privileges
    • Preparation tips
    • Required reading and book suggestions (see below)
    • Suggestions on housing location
    • Contact numbers and email for other faculty, staff, and co-fellow/s (if applicable)
    • Ultrasound training during fellowship and any recommended preparation
    • Consider taking a beginner-level ultrasound course (this may be provided if your fellowship attends the AMSSM Fellows conference in late July)
  • We recommend reaching out to current fellows if possible
    • They can help you avoid a lot of pitfalls and provide some pearls
    • Clinical resources: Notes, templates, EMR, etc
    • Contact information for teams, coaches and athletic trainers
    • Housing and living resources
    • Activities outside of fellowship (gyms, recreation, restaurants)
  • Contact future co-fellows to discuss:
    • Discuss residency to fellowship transition
    • Fellowship team sharing/assignments
    • Expectations/priorities for fellowship training
    • Prior experience
    • Personal career goals

Surviving Fellowship

  • Detailed discussion: Sports Medicine Review - For Residents
  • General suggestions
    • Expect to be busy, especially during football season
    • If covering multiple teams, work with co-fellows and attendings to figure out coverage ASAP
    • Get to know your athletic trainers they are your best resource
    • Get comfortable with MSKUS if you aren't already
    • Start thinking about your scholarly activity early
    • Fellowship is typically "slower" in late winter and spring giving time for board prep and job search

Job Searching

  • A wise department chair once told me finding a job was like a 3-legged stool.
    • You can choose where you live, choose where you work and choose how much you make but you can't choose all three.
    • The two you do pick will dictate the third. -John
  • Considerations
    • Academic vs private?
    • Do you want sports only or also primary specialty?
    • Where do you want to live?
  • Online resources

Preparing for CAQSM

Additional Resources

For Attendings

  • Needs to be updated

Job Hunting


  • Scholarship comes in many forms, which is roughly summarized below.


  • Writing is something that comes naturally for some and is challenging for others
    • Writing academically oriented papers is a little less difficult because it is often more scientifically oriented and less prose
    • Don't be intimidated!
    • Find a mentor to help you pick a topic, target publication and audience
  • You can write for a:
    • Blog
    • Magazine
    • Journal
    • News Publication
  • Blog
  • Magazine
    • Consider 'Sideline Report' by AMSSM
    • Currently, unaware of any other sports medicine magazines
  • Journals: See below
  • News
    • At your discretion and area of interest


  • Teaching comes in many forms
    • Clinical or bedside teaching
    • Didactic teaching
    • Simulation
  • One can teach medical students, residents, fellows, attendings
    • Don't forget about other healthcare professionals including medics, advanced practice providers, nurses, etc


  • Presenting a case, idea, research or some other scholarship is always an opportunity
  • Don't forget about
    • Institutional/ university research day
    • Regional conferences
    • National conferences


  • Research intimidates a lot of folks
    • Applying for an NIH grant is not necessary to do research
    • If you have an idea or question, ask your research folks about how viable it is
    • If you have access to a medical librarian, consider asking them to help you do a literature review


  • Online activities
    • Highly variable, and academic value can be difficult to quantify
  • Event Coverage
    • This isn't scholarship in the classic sense, but in sports medicine, it matters!
    • Find an opportunity to help cover a high school or college team




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