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Anterior Impingement Test

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Other Names

  • Impingement Sign
  • Forced Dorsiflexion Sign
  • Impingement Sign Ankle
  • Ankle Impingement Test


  • Test for impingement of the talocrural joint of the Ankle Joint


Demonstration of the ankle impingement sign[1]
  • Patient is seated with legs hanging off the table facing examiner
  • Grasp the calcaneus with one hand placing the thumb over the anterolateral ankle
  • the other hand grasps the forefoot
  • Bring the patient from a plantarflexed position to a dorsiflexed position
  • Positive test is pain reproduced from thumb pressure against joint and/or pain is greatest in dorsiflexion



  • Sensitivity: 94.8% [2]
  • Specificity: 88%
  • LR- = .06
  • LR+ = 7.9

See Also


  1. Image courtesy of thestudentphysicaltherapist.com, "Impingement Sign"
  2. Flynn TW, Cleland JA, Whitman JM. Users' guide to the musculoskeletal examination: fundamentals for the evidence based clinician. United States; Evidence in Motion:2008.
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