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We also need help with Anatomy, please look at the following anatomy sections. Use the {{subst:Anatomy}} code to insert the anatomy template and the [[Category:Anatomy]] tag:


  • Please pick a category and begin filling in pages that are created and empty OR create a page for a disease if it doesn’t exist.
  • Note that we have created many placeholder pages that exist but have no content and are just waiting to be filled
  • For pathology, it is probably easiest to consider it broken down by location or system category . Please see below. If there is no template on the page or you are creating a new page, use {{subst:standard}} to insert a blank template and use the appropriate category tags.
  • Please read our Help:Getting Started and Help:Creating and Editing pages to get started

Clinical Exam

Specific Diseases

Specific Category Needs

Sorted by Location

Sorted by System

Fellowship Pages

  • The fellowship pages need to be updated: Special:BrowseData/Fellowships
  • Can work on your individual program, programs of interest or just general help

See also

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