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Jobe Relocation Test

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Other Names

  • The Jobe Test
  • JRT
  • Relocation Test
  • Glenohumeral subluxation and relocation test
  • Fowler Test


Clinical demonstration of jobe relocation test[1]


  • The patient is supine
  • The examiner adducts the shoulder to 90° with maximal external rotation, elbow flexed to 90°
  • The examiner then grasps the subjects wrist and hand while applying a posterior force at the humeral head and externally rotating the shoulder
  • Positive test is reduction in pain/apprehension



Glenoid Labral Tears

  • Gaunche et al, Speer et al[2] [3][4]
    • Sensitivity: 36% - 75%
    • Specificity: 40% - 87%
    • LR+: .96 - 3.38
    • LR-: .63 - 1.05

See Also


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