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Active Straight Leg Raise Test

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Other Names

Demonstration of the active straight leg raise test. Note the examiner is measuring range of motion as part of a functional score.[1]
  • Active Straight Leg Raise Test
  • Active Assisted SLR test



  • The patient is in a supine position
  • Patient actively raises legs separately without bending knee
  • Positive test
    • Pelvic/SIJ pain with SLR
    • Often associated with hip/leg weakness


  • Active Assisted SLR test
    • Apply pelvic stabilization and repeat the primary test
    • Symptoms often improve
  • Weakness should be scored on a scale of 0-4
    • 0 no restriction
    • 1 decreased ability to raise leg but no visible deficit
    • 2 decreased ability to raise leg with signs of deficit
    • 3 inability to raise leg
  • Note velocity of movement, tremors, trunk rotation, verbal or nonverbal emotional expressions



  • Unknown

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  1. Medeiros, Diulian Muniz, et al. "Accuracy of the functional movement screen (fmstm) active straight leg raise test to evaluate hamstring flexibility in soccer players." International journal of sports physical therapy 14.6 (2019): 877.
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