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Adams Forward Bend Test

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Other Names

  • Forward Bend Test
  • Adam's Forward Bend Test


Illustration of Adams Forward Bend Test with both normal and abnormal[1]
  • Evaluate for structural or functional Scoliosis
  • This is performed by exaggerating the curve or making it more apparent


  • Patient removes shirt, provider stands behind patient
  • The physician should observe for any asymmetries of the spin
  • The patient then bends forward until the back is in the horizontal plane
  • Note, arms hanging with legs fully extended, head in neutral
  • The physician observes for asymmetries along the plane of the spine



  • Cobb Angle > 10°
    • Sensitivity: 84.3%[2]
    • Specificity: 93.44%
  • Cobb Angle > 40° [3]
    • Sensitivity: 0.83
    • Specificity: 0.99
  • Inter-examiner agreement is moderate in the thoracic spine, poor in the lumbar spine [4]

See Also


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