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Anterior Labrum Test

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Other Names

  • Anterior Labrum Test
  • Fitzgerald’s anterior labrum test
  • Fitzgerald's Test


Starting position for Fitzgerald test for anterior labrum[1]
End position for Fitzgerald test for anterior labrum[1]


  • The patient is in the supine position
  • Perform the FABER maneuver (flexion, abduction, external rotation)
  • Then move the patient into ADIR (adduction, internal rotation) while maintaining flexion
    • This should be an arc of motion
  • Positive test
    • Hip pain
    • Audible click



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. 1.0 1.1 Leibold, M. Rebecca, Peter A. Huijbregts, and Richard Jensen. "Concurrent criterion-related validity of physical examination tests for hip labral lesions: a systematic review." Journal of Manual & Manipulative Therapy 16.2 (2008): 24E-41E.
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