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Bassets Sign

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Other Names

Basset’s Sign
Demonstration of Basset's sign
  • Bassset's Sign
  • Passive extension – flexion sign
  • Standing active quadriceps sign


  • Evaluate the patellar tendon as a cause of anterior knee pain


  • The patient is supine
  • Anterior knee is palpated to identify point of maximal tenderness along patella
    • Typically this is the inferior pole
  • This is performed with the knee in extension at 0°
  • The palpation is then repeated at 90°
  • Positive test
    • Resolution of tenderness at 90° is suggestive of patellar tendonitis

Standing Version

  • This test can be performed with the patient standing
  • The same point of tenderness is palpated with the knee fully extended
  • The patient then stands on the ipsilateral knee with 30° of flexion
  • The area is then palpated again



  • Unknown

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