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Finger Flexion Sign

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Other Names

  • Finger Flexion Sign


  • Evaluate the Ulnar Nerve as a cause of the patients symptoms
  • First described by Tsujino and Macnicol[1]


A positive finger flexion sign is present in the right hand on the right photo. The left photo shows a negative finger flexion sign as the paper is pulled distally.[2]
  • Perform bilaterally at the same time
  • Both forearms and wrists are in neutral
  • Examiner first places a piece of paper between the middle and ring fingers in both hands
  • Pull the paper distally
  • Positive test
    • The involved side will use metacarpal-phalangeal flexion to compensate for interossei weakness



  • Unknown

See Also


  1. Tsujino, A., and M. F. Macnicol. "Finger flexion sign for ulnar neuropathy." The Journal of Hand Surgery: British & European Volume 23.2 (1998): 240-241.
  2. Goldman, Sarah B., et al. "A review of clinical tests and signs for the assessment of ulnar neuropathy." Journal of hand Therapy 22.3 (2009): 209-220.
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