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Heel Percussion Test

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Other Names

  • Heel Percussion Test
  • Heel Thump Test


Demonstration of the heel percussion test[1]
  • Evaluate the Tibia for the presence of a stress fracture


  • The patient is supine
  • Passively lift the limb 6 inches off the table, supporting the distal calcaneus
  • Strike the calcaneus directly with the palm of the hand
  • Positive Test
    • Reproduction of the patients symptoms

Modified Version

  • This test has also been described with the patient seated, legs hanging off table



Tibial Stress Fracture

  • Rosenthal et al[1]
    • Sensitivity: 17.1%
    • Specificity: 90.6%
    • PPV: 66.7%
    • NPV: 50%
    • PLR: 1.83
    • NLR: 0.91
    • Overall Accuracy: 52%

See Also


  1. 1.0 1.1 Rosenthal, Michael D., Mitchell J. Rauh, and James E. Cowan. "Prospective Assessment of Clinical Tests Used to Evaluate Tibial Stress Fracture." Orthopaedic Journal of Sports Medicine 10.9 (2022): 23259671221122356.
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