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  • Innovation and Collaboration Across Sports Medicine (iCASM)
    • This page represents the iCASM home base, although much of it will run through google docs and the google group 'emsportsdocs'
    • Anyone with an account can edit this page, feel free to add at your discretion
  • Purpose: To promote collaboration among sports medicine faculty and trainees across the country.
  • Statement of Intent: To facilitate an online presence for sports medicine by combining educational, research and clinical resources among individuals and institutions.




  • WikiSM.org is the only open access sports medicine wiki. The content is freely available to anyone in the world at any time. We welcome all sports medicine physicians and other members of the sports medicine team to register and become a contributor. Get started now!
  • Dr Kiel comments
    • Please pick subject matter to your level of training (i.e med students tackle anatomy or pharmacology while attendings have free reign)
    • Here is a list of needed pages: WikiSM:Needed_Pages

Educational Projects / Opportunities


Active Projects

  • Below are active projects that are always recruiting authors
  • ALiEM Ortho - Will Deng
  • Wild Ortho Wednesday - Will Deng
  • Critical decisions in EM (CDEM) Ortho/Trauma case reports - John Kiel
  • Sportsmedreview.com blog - John Kiel
  • Other?



  • Other ideas in some phase of development/ need folks to take lead
  • Create a journal club, weekly or monthly discussion?
  • Educational projects database
    • What would that look like? Is that different from what iCASM is doing
  • Resident education
    • Ortho and SM rotation curriculum and files
    • MSK Exam skills
    • Ortho simulation in EM training
  • Spence Thomberg’s splint-fracture database

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